Looking for your drunken memories for my new book - The Alcohol Memoirs - Anonymity guaranteed - (Chattanooga)

Posted on: 11/16/17


Anonymous Drunk or Drug Fueled Confessions Wanted for My New Book I am putting together a collection of true stories from anonymous people all aver the United States who did something funny, shocking, illegal, or outrageous while they were intoxicated. I would love to hear yours. Don't worry about spelling, grammar or editing, that's my job! What incredibly crazy, funny or insane things did you or your friends do when you were high or on something one night? You can stay totally anonymous or not, it's up to you. It's your chance to shock the world and get something off your chest. What's the worst thing you have ever done? What did you end up regretting in the morning? Were you arrested or publicly humiliated or just mildly embarrassed? Do you have a secret? Do not ask me for my phone number or send me yours, I ONLY accept written and emailed submissions. PS - There are too many angry people in this world, and too many "haters". So keep my email because inevitably my ad will get flagged and deleted. It is alcoholmemoirs and its gmail so you know the rest. This is real. The Alcohol Memoirs is officially on sale tomorrow. That is Book #1 - Book #2 is what we are working on now. I couldn't have done it without all of you! Cheers - Misty J Moreton thealcoholmemoirs VERY easy to find

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