Get Your Criminal History Cleared - Convictions Of Felonies And Misdemeanors Are Eligible - (Chattanooga)

Posted on: 11/24/17


Getting a job in today's job market is difficult. Increase your chances of obtaining employment, college admission, or professional license by having criminal charges removed from your criminal record. With background checks for employment becoming more frequent, many people discover an old charge from the past that hinders their career. A criminal charge does not "go away", or become expunged, on its own. The expungement process to remove the charge must be followed. Oftentimes people are charged with crimes and have their case dismissed, are found not guilty, retired, or were given some type of diversion. The extra step of having these types of cases expunged (cleared) from your record may have been overlooked. Give yourself piece of mind by getting what you can off of your criminal history report. UPDATE: Tennessee Legislature has passed a new law on July 1, 2012 that enables certain felony and misdemeanor charges to be eligible for expungements even if you pled or were found guilty. If you messed up one time in your life and have not been convicted of any charge since, you could still be able to have a clean public record. Michael K. Walker, Attorney at Law can help by running a background check and see if you are eligible to have any charges expunged from your public record. If you have an expungable charge on your record the background check fee will be used toward the price for getting your record expunged. Feel free to call regarding any questions you may have regarding this matter at 615-485-3065 or 931-292-2889 or email to or visit for more information about our services. Michael K. Walker Sup. Ct. Reg. No. #028756 341 Harrison Street Nashville, TN 37219 (615) 485-3065 (931) 292-2889

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